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God is Good

I wish everyone knew this, that first and foremost God is good. What is good? Good is the gold standard. Good is the Golden Ratio and Golden Rule of Life. Good is moral excellence, upright, true, honest, benevolent and kind, and more. Good is the essence, the purpose, and the nature of God. Good is pouring out of every pore of God’s being, like the radiance of the Sun which, as a burning bush in the wilderness of space, can never be exhausted or consumed. Our own sun is sending out photons of energy, power, and a grace without which there would be nothing. His goodness radiates in every direction upon the just and the unjust. And as Psalm 19 says, “nothing is hid from the heat thereof.” Yes, God is good. It is what God is, and what God does, and what God did. At the end of each creative day God declared “it was good.” The Sun, the moon and the stars, the land and the sea. Good. Yes, from the light and the land, the eye and the hand, the birds and the fish and all we could wish, comes down from the Father of Lights. God is Good. Not just “good enough,” or good by or in comparison to something else, but in the fullness of intention and in every design and invention, God is good. Not good sometimes or some days, or in some things or in some ways, but in day and in night , early and late, just so and just right, Good. Jesus spoke truth to the Rich Young Ruler when he said, there is only one who is good. God is good. It is His essence, it is the most delightful, approachable, and understandable attribute. A child may not understand Omnipresence, Election, or Propitiation, but we can all understand good. And so the Bible teaches us about the Good Shepherd, and the Good Master, the Good Samaritan, and the “well done thou good and faithful servant.” God is good. The first axiom of the geometry of grace is “God is Good.” I could not sleep at night if it were otherwise. Bring your bucket to this well. This spring of living water is deeper than can be exhausted with a short missive like this. Confess this truth every morning as you dress for the day and every night let it be the pillow of peace upon which you rest your head. God is Good!