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Let's Talk about Jesus

(and the Greatest Story Ever Told)

The story of the Cradle and the Cross is the greatest story ever told, and of the greatest present ever given. If embraced by faith, the greatest gift ever received. It began with a promise which the prophets foretold and led to the wise men with their spices and gold.  The story also includes a cameo of one’s own self, in which Herod is a type of every sinner, sitting proudly on his throne, and the chance for all men to agree with God, abdicate, receive salvation by grace through faith, to follow Jesus, live with Him forever, and celebrate.

   Read with the right spirit, the Bible is not only God’s story, but yours and mine as well.  Read properly, the pure in heart shall see God, they will also see themselves.    Not only  does God, who is Spirit, appear in all His glory, it’s the story of how much God loves us and the lengths to which He went to save us from sin and from our selves. If we read the Bible with an open heart we can recognize ourselves in the many characters that weave their way through this historical tapestry of Truth and Grace.

[I call these Pocket books because they are booklets that fit in your pocket (or purse) and are conversation starters to share with others. This is actually the introduction to what will be a larger book that sees the Bible as both a window to the eternal and into heaven, but also a mirror upon which we can see ourselves. -id  ]