Down on Dixie
(or the not so good ol' days)

We be believin (wink and a nod)
Comin to Jesus, praying to God
Sing loud on Sunday, lunch on the grounds
Front of the bus, we be driven to town

Lord bless our Bacca, a tenth part is Yours
We be feedin our chickens and doin our chores
We be payin the preacher and be doin Your will
Oh, that over there? why it looks like a still

Beggin Your pardon, You knows how it is
little brown jugs and white lightning biz
yes, that shotgun is loaded and ready to shoot
for revenue agents we donít give a hoot

Cotton is high, stars and bars flyin
Hound dog is barkin, baby is cryin
"Darkies" are happy and knowin their place
Pass me some corn bread and let us say grace







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