YoYo, Get O

Yo Yo, Dawg, so check it out-
For God so loved the World
He gave His One and Only Son
For every boy and girl
No matter where you come from
Or how mean or bad you bin
For every living motherís son
Lives in a world of sin
Donít blame it on yo Momma
Donít blame it on ďthe manĒ
Itís not some Dali Lama
or silly man-made plan
If you want a better way
No need to curse and shout
Look to Jesus now and pray
I swear, Heíll get you out

YoYo, Dawg, so
Donít you be no fool
Smokin dope and talkin trash
And thinkin you be cool
The Devil, he be lying
Though he be wearing all that BLING
Soon heíll have you crying
And you wonít have a thing
Heíll sell you up the river
And put yourself in jail
Heís a taker not a giver
Trust him and youíll fail

YoYo, Dawg, so check it out
Jesus is the way
He came into this Ghetto
And died for you one day
He was busted, yet broke every chain
Of sin, and pain and death
So Dawgs like us could be His sheep
He swore at His last breath.
Donít wait too long or hesitate
Donít be no fool or Sap
When time runs out and they yells, ďCutĒ
ďOkay, Thatís a Wrap.Ē


































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