Elijah’s Prayers
I saw them dance on Carmel’s top
and cut themselves with stones and rock
they jumped about and beat their breast
when Elijah called them to a test
They tried out all their great inventions
With Levers, pulleys, ropes and cords
Tried heaven move with great pretentions
And opened up their flesh with swords
When they exhausted all their power
Nothing here on earth had changed
God would now from heaven shower
When Elijah there did something strange
Precious water, this world in drought
He soaked the wood and sacrifice
The prophet boldly poured it out
Trusting God’s word would suffice 
From heaven rained Jehovah’s flame
Consuming rock and bullock solely
And then as promised came the rain
Oh, tremble earth, for God is Holy
Halt ye no more ‘tween two opinions
For Jesus Christ the Lord of all higher
And His the sinless pure dominion 
He the Water and Consuming Fire





















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