Bidden Fruit

In the Beginning man was told
he might eat of every tree
but the one that held the center
was off limits by decree

To trust in God and too obey
Godís simple love-filled law
let knowing good and evil stay
for faith and love is more

Now to another tree we come
one fruit there hangs for all
Jesus Christ, Godís only Son
one taste will cure manís fall

Seek not the fruit of other trees
Though not pleasant to the eyes
this painful sight, the sinner frees
and is good to make thee wise

The cross of Christ, the tree of Life
to prevent us is no law
come all and trust Godís Sacrifice
Who your sins and sorrows bore

Oh taste and see that God is good
Remember all Christís done
To save us, God did all He could
now He bids His children come.








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