Cripple's Creed

 If I ever walk again, I値l walk as close to Thee
As ever any mortal can in all humanity
If these broken bones should mend
To allow me just to stand
I値l stand forever and attend
Forgetting all I planned

If I ever walk again, I値l walk with greater care
The straight and narrow road, take up my cross and bear
Whatever weight Thou givest me and never more complain
And carry it to Calvary and gladly take the pain

 My pain, which counts for nothing, compared to what sin did
In nailing Christ at Golgotha and what He paid to rid
My guilt and wash my sin away
when precious blood He spilt
and felt Thy wrath that awful day
and pay for what He built

A way and bridge to heaven and also paid the toll
And gave His life for me and purchased my poor soul
If I ever walk again, I値l walk on holy ground
In faith and true humility
For all the grace I致e found.
I値l stand before the burning bush
Or stand in lion痴 den
I will not press, nor will I push
The foolish plans of men

If I ever walk again,
it matters little where
Low or high, or barren plain
As long as Thou art there
If I lame should be no more
and I should soon be well
I値l follow on to heaven or

If I must,

I値l even walk through hell 










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