The Winless War

God…with a single word can make a World
or with another one instead, He can raise the dead,
make  hurricanes out of nothing but a finger twirled
or as a moral alchemist, make gold from lead

He counts the beats of every beating heart
and breathes again with every give and take
in Him we live and move and have our being
we are made for good and God,
and Yes,  for goodness sake

God  simply wants for us to let Him in
doing  less is the epitome of sin
For it close  the door and locks light out
leaving God-less fools in the dark to grope about

To doubt God’s Word or His intentions
The first and worst of foolish man’s  inventions
for sin is the war a man can never win
For as he shoots at God above
 he kills himself within. -id                                                         






Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.