To Do

I had so many things to do
first one thing, then another
a broken china cup to glue,
(a promise to my mother).
The garden gate I must repair
and then there are those weeds to pull
the tractor’s  tire is looking bare
“uhm,” I think the kitty litter’s full

I have a poor friend who is sick
I do hope he  gets better
I’m trying hard a card to pick
to send by post and letter
no sooner do I fix the roof
there’s a problem with the plumbing
the IRS is demanding proof
then there are those in-laws  coming

I dreamed I awoke in a perfect world
with everything in order
asleep at my feet, the cat was curled
“now” no dog’s bowl needs water

the sun was bright and shining
no bumps, no lumps, no bruises
there were no children whining
All win  there, and no one loses

but by and by there was no need
no little hungry mouths to feed
no friend to visit in his sorrow
none at my door,  who ask to borrow

not much to do, I am afraid
all ducks are lined up in a row
no one needs our help or aid
or that we pay back what we owe

I’ll take this needy, imperfect earth
with drought or stormy weather
for all these things, gives each life worth
not the beds of downy feather   -id







Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.