A Good Life

Life has been good and God more good to me.
I have stood inside the empty tomb,
and I’ve been to Calvary.

I’ve played on Iceland’s Tundra
Swam in the South China Sea.
I survived combat’s war and thunder,
and grew up in a land that’s free.

I’ve seen Moscow in the winter
And lived on a Pacific Isle,
when young I was a sprinter,
have been beneath the earth a mile.

I’ve lived in New York City,
And have seen Niagara Falls,
known men both great and witty,
and have walked through hallowed halls.

I lived a year in Iowa
And one in Miami, Dade
I’ve fought to defend America,
bought a home, and taxes paid

I’ve seen the Golden Gate,
and the Pacific Ocean view.
I watched them build those towers
on Manhattan once brand new.

I’ve glided o’er the Everglades
in an air boat light and lean.
I’ve rode the New York Subways
and everything  between

Even the Roller Coaster
Of Coney Island fame,
I’ve had my ups and downs,
but I’ve enjoyed the game.

For my life to God I’m grateful,
and God’s been good to me.
He has each day been faithful
As I read my history.

I thank God for my partner,
my wife of all these years,
and for a lovely Christian daughter,
and for all the answered prayers.

I did not set the world on fire,
‘though once I thought I would,
but I guess I did go higher
Than a sinner ever should. -id








Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.