You may take a blowtorch to it
and it remains unscathed,
drill bits cannot scratch it
and if in acid bathed
it sits silently in a sea of pain
unchanged, unharmed, unmoved.
It survives every grueling test
and is in the fire proved.
it cannot be sawn asunder,
nor smashed with hammer blows-
What is this awesome wonder
That will defeat all foes?
A light that laughs at lies,
and does not fear dark skies.
It is above, around and under;
does not flinch from lightning
or the crashing sound of thunder.
Evil cannot overcome it.
It breaks the serpent’s tooth.
All will one day face it.
It is what God calls the Truth.   -id


                                ngimar DeRidder                   






Copyright 2015 id,  All Rights Reserved.