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"All Right"

Five lessons and study questions
from the Book of ROMANS. A
Look at Sin, Salvation, Sanctification, Sovereignty, and

UZ Job's Journey

Job: His faith and faithfulness are a parable, and a prototype, and a picture of patience in the face of catastrophic loss

First Steps

Five lessons and study questions from the Book of ROMANS. A Look at Sin, Salvation, Sanctification, Sovereignty, and Service (PDF)

Methods & Tools of Bible Study

This is a devotional and practical look at the Bible and Bible Study. It uses the metaphor of a walk through a forest to draw simple suggestions for studying the 
Word of God

A short 24 page devotional on the Life of Ruth. How a daughter of Moab found herself part of the family of God.

Noah: Faith Always Survives

It can be seen floating in the midst of the greatest flood.
Faith Always Survives.  How's your faith?  What does
faith look like? 20 Page devotional.


Providence and the Survival of God's People in the Books of EZRA, NEHEMIAH, ESTHER-a study of Providence and the Survival of God's People. It is a reminder of how God can use broken things and Raise his children out of ruins.

Rising Above Ruins
Chapters 1-2
Chapter 3
Chapters 4-8
Chapters 9-10

Kings & Things


A Twelve Part Study of the Divided Kingdom. This has been used in Small group studies and takes a  look at the Spiritual Principles of Leadership and Life.  


The Life and Legacy of Abraham

What exactly do we mean by greatness?  Did God ever intend anyone to be less?  Abraham never sought after it.  It found him when he found God.  This is a small look at the great life of a great man. 26 pages

Making Joseph

Spiritual Metallurgy

Every Spiritual Life Must go through a refiner's fire.  The life of Joseph is a classic example.


a Walk with God

Taking a long walk with God

New Testament Assembly

Sweet Design

a look at the Assembly of Believers



A Brief study of the Teachings of Jesus


The church began as a band of brothers (and sisters)


Devotional Thoughts for 40 days or 40 nights


Study of Ten Basic Convictions for living based on the Ten Commandments.  Includes Class
discussion questions.



The World of Jesus

The New Testament world seems small to us, but No life was larger than His: The World of Jesus

the Pencil

We are instruments, but nothing until God lifts us up.  

Brooklyn Bridges

Short stories about life's journey

the Minor Prophets

56 page booklet which views the Minor Prophets as a sacred group of men with "gifts of the Spirit" as well as a unique message from God to be delivered to their world. In the life of each Prophet there is a special "lesson" or "grace" that should be learned and employed by those who would seek to deliver God's message to their world today.


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